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A wireless router can be a great addition to your home or office, once you have a broadband internet connection. It is a device that connects your modem to your computer and other electronic devices, and allows you to use them in various locations, free of unsightly wires. Once set up, the wireless router will recognize wireless-enabled devices within a given area.

Usability of which routers can use. There is absolutely no restriction on the type of routers which can use this private IPv4 address. Any modem, computer and internet devices can be organized using IP address. But it is not recommended to go for it because of address divergences which can later show up in connectivity problems.

What this does is offer an additional level of access control since default user names and passwords are widely known and can be easily guessed by anyone trying to gain access you’re your network settings.

But, being convenience can have its disadvantages too. Actually quite dangerous. Imagine, a stranger who is siting near your house, detected your wireless home network and log on into your wireless home network. Now, the stranger can use free internet access, or maybe free information from your computer. The stranger with enough knowledge and tools can actually access to any computer that are log on to the network. He can even block your computer from the network! Now, that’s bad. You cannot use your own wireless network!!??

Other Default Private IP addresses. Other than the IP address, there are addresses like and which are also meant for private use. The is very regular among those consumers who situate their routers for small areas. This IP address is similarly non-routable like One cannot really locate these types of addresses outside the private network.

This unique IP address ( can be described as location where many people try to find the answer, referred by In the event that something doesnt function as it should, you probably should start solving the issue from there.

It’s 802.11g wireless router. The gadget can be titled by the identify Excessive Base Station, and is much expensive than further merchandise because of its comparable features. The router includes incomplete one 12 months warranty.

Check Your Network Settings: In order for your PC or laptop to get on the wireless network it needs to be able to connect to an IP address from your wireless connection. If it can’t grab the address, you will not connect. First, make sure your Internet connection is up by using this command prompt in Windows (windows key + R then type CMD enter). Then type in ping enter. This is the address for your wireless connection if you have a linksys connection. Once you ping your address, you should expect a reply back from your computer. If you get an error that says “request timed out” or “destination unreachable” that means there’s a problem with the communications link.

The IP address for a router can be anything from ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, to ‘ ‘ etc. The first two IP addresses are universal in most of the router makes. Some router makes and models may have a different IP address as specified by their manufacturers. You can refer to your router’s documentation or website for the IP address information. As far as the default username and password are concerned, a large number of router models use ‘admin’ and ‘password’ alternatively. Yet again, you must check your router’s manual for the information.